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What makes wide plank antique flooring so special and why does it look so good?

The first thing you may notice is the rich color or patina of an antique floor, which took nature hundreds of years to create.  Also, the subtle variations of color such as the beautiful shades of honey and amber in pumpkin pine flooring (aka Eastern White Pine).  The texture and contour of the wide planks surface due to foot wear or saw marks.  The taper of the board from one end to the other.  Many old floor boards are not the same width from one end to the other which leads to the overall irregular pattern of the floor.  Defects on the surface such as patches (wood, leather, tin) or the rare roman numeral carved in the surface when the boards were originally made.  And finally, the slight differences in thickness of the wide planks adds to the overall surface irregularity.  All of these nuances create a unique and beautiful original floor.

The Old Wood Workshop is based in Pomfret Center, Connecticut, and you are welcome to visit. I am available by chance, but strongly suggest making an appointment to visit. Although I do not have a traditional retail shop, our 1730s colonial farmhouse showcases my work and the barn is filled with reclaimed wide plank flooring and wall board.

The Old Wood Workshop specializes in antique original surface, 18th century & early 19th century wide plank flooring, reclaimed antique wall board and other salvaged wood. We do not re-saw or re-mill material, but instead look for 150 to 300 year old flooring that has never had its surface altered, other than being walked on. We also have a unique selection of architectural antiques, such as antique iron hardware and salvaged stone.

The Old Wood Workshop provides quality reclaimed antique wood for homeowners as well as building contractors, designers and architects. We also supply small batch stock for cabinetmakers, furniture makers or other woodworking projects, including musical instruments.