Salvaged Antique Wood

We supply vintage recycled building materials in chestnut, oak and pine. Antique beams, boards, joists, etc. can be used for either decorative or structural purposes, such as cathedral ceilings. We have a variety of salvaged antique wood in stock; please email or call us to discuss your application and needs. Subscribe to my mailing list for periodic e-mail updates on this and other inventory.

For Sale: Updated 6/23/14

PA pine beams 20':  

A pair of pine beams, clear four sides.  Measure approximately 6” x 11” x 20'. 

Cost: $40 per linear foot, pair only, $1,600

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PA pine beams 8'x 18”:  

3 very large beams available for mantel beam, decorative tie beam, etc..  They are 8” x 18” in profile x 13', 15' and 20'. 

Cost: $100 per linear foot, whole beam only

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PA pine beams:  These very large white pine or spruce are the last 'set' from a PA barn we purchased 2 years ago.  I laid out the beams to get better pictures of all 15 beams in the set.  The beams are nominally 6” x 11” x 26' to 30'.  All but one are clear-4 sides. 

Cost:  $60 per linear foot, whole batch, $25,500

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Chestnut stock #8: SOLD

There are approximately forty pieces, each approximately 2” x 5” x 14' long.  These are chestnut floor joists from a 19thC. Killingly, CT house.  They vary in condition, but are all in pretty good shape. 

Cost:  $140 each, $10 per linear foot, any quantity

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Tobacco Barn Beams

All the material is Red Pine (aka Northern Hard Pine) and is circular sawn. There are approx. #20 8”x8” from 10' to 16' with a few longer, approx. #20 6”x6” up to 16' long, and approx. #40 smaller beams from 4”x4” to 3”x 5” with most being close to 16' long.

Cost: All 8x8s, SOLD. Balance of wood, $1,000

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Chestnut Joist Set #5

Nineteen beautiful 2"x7" chestnut joists for a beam to beam span of 11'6". Great chestnut brown color, never outside or in sun.

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Cost: set only, $4750

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Chestnut Stock #7 SOLD

15' x 2'x6" chestnut joists (actually straight rafters) from an 19th century CT house. Eighteen joists are all 14' to 15' long and have great color.

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Cost:$15 lf, $225 per joist, any quantity

New 9.5" x 13" hewn white pine beams:

These four beams were made for a custom project, but then replaced with antique beams. Two measure ~26' long + half-lap (2'6") and two measure ~30' long + half-lap (2'6").

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Cost: SALE! $2,500 regularly $4,500 for all four beams.

Summer Beam Frame System #3  SOLD

This complete ceiling frame system, including summer beam, joists and bents, is from the oldest house in Hancock, NH, circa 18th century. It would fit a room approx. 14' long x 15'wide with the joists going in the 15' direction.

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Cost: $5000

Summer Beam #3  SOLD

This 18th-century hand-hewn summer beam is 15' without the dovetail or tennons. It measures 9.5" x 13" and has a great patina.

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Cost: $2500

Handhewn Beech Beams

These antique hand-hewn Beech beams are 8"x8" and slightly larger and approx. 12' to 22' long. These would work as decorative structural beams or for a rustic mantel.

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Cost: $40 per linear foot or $425 for up to an 8' beam for mantels

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First Period Summer Beam c.1682:

This summer beam was removed from a first period house in Wabam, MA, recently during 'modernizing' renovations. It has all the markers for the period, including Tusk tennons, a bevel with lambs tongue with no bark edge and scribe marks.

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Cost: $4,500

Oak Stock (#1)

Approximately 210 linear feet of ~3" x 3", straight sawn, antique oak. Sixteen pieces are 8' or longer, seven are 6'+ long, and eight are 4' to 5' long.

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Cost: $1050

Joist Set (#4)

Twelve chestnut joist in great condition and with unique pattern. ~2.5" x 7" straight sawn. Eight are 11'5", four are 11'1.5", two are 7'2".

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Cost: $3000, full set only

Rafter Set (#5)

Five sets of circular sawn chestnut rafters (10 pieces). 10'6" long (tip to tip) and ~3" x 5" at base and ~ 3" x 4" at top. Freshly cut at a 45 degree angle

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Cost: $1000, full set only

Rafter Set (#2)

Seven sets of sawn chestnut rafters (14 pieces), ~14' long tip to tip. ~3" x 5" at base and ~3" x 3.5" at top. Washed and treated with boric acid.

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Cost: $2250, whole set only

Rafter Set (#1)

Straight sawn chestnut rafter set. 9'6" tip to tip. ~4.75" x 3" at bottom and 4" x 3" at top. Five sets (ten pieces ) + one extra rafter.

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Cost: $1000, whole set only


Honduran Crotch Mahogany #2: NEW 

Solid single piece of true Honduran crotch mahogany.  62 board feet. Old stock from a central CT veneer maker that went out of business decades ago.  This piece is a veneer starter ‘block’ that measure ~28” x 53” x 6” thick. 

Cost:  $3150

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Honduran Mahogany #3: 

This is a huge slab of true Honduran mahogany that was brought into the country approximately 40 years ago.  It measure 2&1/2” thick x 43” wide x 84&1/2” tall, milled and kiln dried (years ago). 

Cost:  $7,500

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Antique Teak: 

40+ year old teak that measures 2&1/8” thick x 11&3/4” wide x 14'+ long. 

Cost: 27.5 bf @ $45 bf, $1250.

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Tiger Maple #3

This is the final batch of highly figured, antique tiger maple from upstate Michigan. It is approximately 100 years old and was added to an older barn as cross braces for stability. Because of this, there is very little nail penetration and the figuring and patina is fantastic.

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Cost: parting out, $100/linear foot

Antique Veneer

2,000sf of antique veneer (Carpathian Elm, Redwood, Rosewood and Walnut burl). Most of the "books" are 14 to 16 sheets of consecutive cuts. Many of the edges are cracked and have been accounted for in the measuring.

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Cost: $4sf or $8,000 for entire lot or as separate 'books' for $6sf

African Mahogany #4

This piece is older and darker than #1, 2 & 3 (below) and has some grain patterns. It measures 36" wide x 73" long x 2" thick and has been kiln dried but not milled.

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Cost: $2,750

African Mahogany #3

Very large and clear African Mahogany plank with live edges. 42" wide x 47&1/2" long x 1&3/4" thick. 28 board feet.

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Cost: $2,100

African Mahogany #2

Very large and clear African Mahogany plank with live edges. 45" wide x 5'3" long x 1&3/4" thick. 38 board feet.

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Cost: $3,000

African Mahogany #1

Very large and clear African Mahogany plank with live edges. 41"+ wide x 7'+ long x 1&3/4" thick. 49 board feet. Milled, kiln dried and very flat. Perfect for island top or table top.

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Cost: $3,675

Honduran Crotch Mahogany #1

This solid, single piece of crotch mahogany measures approximately 30" wide x 53" tall x 4.25" thick. There is approximately 47 bd ft of wood in this piece.

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Cost: $2,350

Brazilian Mahogany:
2 planks that are approx. 2” thick x 15” wide x 15’ long.

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Cost: $3,000


Wainscott boards #12:  

38sf of wide boards.  Boards measure: 19” x 11'3”, 22” x 11'3”. 

Cost:  38sf @ $30sf, whole batch only, $1140

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Wainscott boards #11:  

98sf of wide boards from same house.  Boards measure: 9” x 13'10”, and #4 @ 20” x 13'2”. 

Cost: 99sf @ $30sf, whole bath only, $2940

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Wainscott boards #10:  

31.5af of wainscot from a single wall.  Boards measure 14” x 12', 17.5” x 12'. 

Cost:  31.5sf @ $25sf, whole batch only, $785

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Wainscott boards #9:  

27.5sf of wainscot from single wall.  Two boards, one wide and top with chair rail is narrow.  Overall dimensions are: 29” x 11'5”. 

Cost:  27.5sf @ $30sf, whole batch only, $825

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Wainscott boards #8:  

36sf of wainscot from a single house.  Boards measure: 19” x 8'6”, 19” x 6'6”, 19” x 8'. 

Cost:  36sf @ $30sf, whole batch only, $1080

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Wainscott boards #7:  

44.5sf of modest width wainscot.  Boards measure: 18” x 9'6”, 17” x 13'2”, 18” x 7'11”. 

Cost:  44.5sf @ $25sf, whole batch only, $1112

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Wainscott boards #6:  

123sf of great wainscot boards from same house.  All boards are approximatly 24” wide.  Boards measure: 24” x 7'1”, 24” x 8'7”, 24” x 9'8”, 22” x 10'8”, 24' x 5'8”, 23” x 4'10”, 23” x 5'10”, 25” x 5'10”, 23” x 4'6”. 

Cost:  123sf @ $30sf, whole batch only, $3690

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Wainscott boards #5:  

24sf of very wide set of boards with applied detail that can be removed.  Boards measure 23&1/2” x 8'11” and 26: x 2'10”.  Front and back are pictured to show quality. 

Cost: 24sf @ $30sf, whole batch only, $720

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Wainscott #4: 

Early, wide wainscott, white pine and hand-planed.  Painted Yellow.  Six sections that are approximately 34” wide and are the following lengths: 15'3”, 7'9”, 7'6”, 6'9”, & 4'.  I will include a board for repairs. 

Cost:  115sf @ $25sf, whole batch only, $2,875.

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Wainscot boards #3: 82sf of wide, blue painted, horizontal, 2-board wainscot. These came out of the Suffield, CT house, c.1811. Two sections are 32" high and 12'9" long and 14' long. The last board is 19.75" wide x 6'3" long.

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Cost: $20sf, whole batch only, $1684

Wainscot boards #2:

Nice set of 2-board wainscot. Unpainted and hand planed. Salvaged from same house as Wall Boards #6. 25" wide total with cut out for window by 12'10" long. Great patina.

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Cost: $750

Wainscott section #1: 

Small section of wainscott that lifted away from the wall for access behind panel.  44” wide x 30&1/2” tall. 

Cost: $250

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White Pine Wainscot Boards

These two white pine wainscot boards were salvaged from an early 19th C. MA house.

Dimensions: 19"+ x 12'6"+ and 19&1/2"+ x 12'2"+ and are both a full 1&1/4" thick

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Cost: $1,250 for both


Wallboard #36: NEW 

200sf+ of 19th C., hand-planed and painted black spruce from Canada.  130sf is 21’ long with and average width of 12”. 

Cost: $14sf, whole batch only, $2,800

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Wallboard #35:

~160sf+ of a numbered, interior barn wall from Woodstock, CT. The wall measured 18’ wide x 12’6” tall, but the bottom left hand corner had water damage from the lower wind-brace down.  Most boards are 10’ to 12’+ long. 

Cost: $12sf, whole batch only, $1,920

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Wallboard #34:

300 year old, numbered chestnut wall boards.  These wall boards made up 3 walls of an early 18th C. Pomfret Center, CT farmhouse.  The vertical section made up two interior wall partitions, a 10' wall and a 15' wall, or 25 linear feet of wall, and are double sided.  The 10' section is about 7'6” tall and the 15' section, which includes the door, is 7' 2” tall.  The vertical chestnut boards are very wide, up to 24” wide, 5/4 thick and double sided. 

Cost: complete package only, $20,500.

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Wallboard #33:

100sf of wide, hand-planed, white pine wall boards.  Double sided and partially painted one side, lower section.  The section is 13' wide x 7'11” tall, with width range from 12” to 19” wide. 

Cost: 100sf @ $25sf, whole batch only, $2,500.

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Wallboard #32:

Beautiful 5/4, hand-planed white pine from PA.  T&G and hand-planed on both sides.  About 180sf has light coat of red paint but back side is unpainted.  Walls were covered with plaster and lathe at some point so small holes from nails.  Nice, smooth hand-planed surfaces.  Perfect for a painted wall or furniture and cabinets.  Approximately 200sf is 6'6”-6'10” long and 250sf is 8'6”-9' long. 

Cost: $20sf, whole batch only, $9,000.

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Wallboard #31:

This is another double sided, hand planed wall, with about 75% of one side unpainted. The wall measures 13' wide x 7'4” tall, or 95sf. The unpainted section of the same wall measures about 8' wide x 7'4” tall.

Cost: 95sf @ $20sf, whole batch only, $1900.

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Wallboard #30:

These are 53sf of hand planed and beaded and heavily painted wall boards. As a horizontal wall section it would measure 7'8” wide x 7' tall. As a vertical wall, as pictured, it would be 7' wide x 7'8” tall.

Cost: 53sf @ $18.50, whole batch only, $980.

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Wall board #28

112sf  early 18C.  feather edge wall boards from two different sources. Section measures approximately 16' wide x 7' tall(minimum). 

Cost: $20sf  'as is', whole batch only,  $2240

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New, wide white pine wall boards #1

We have recently produced 500sf of super wide (18" to 26", most are 20" to 26"), hand-planed and hand-beaded Eastern White Pine. This batch is all from the same tree and will finish 8'4" or taller--much of it 8'6" or more.

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Cost: whole batch, $20sf or $10,000; partials, $25sf


Sub-flooring batch #12: NEW

~360sf of chestnut sub-flooring.  Various lengths and widths. Thicknesses from ~3/8” to ~5/8” +/-. 

Cost: whole batch only, $1500

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Sub-flooring batch #11: NEW

200sf of early 18C. live edge Red Pine sub-flooring from Northern MA house.  Widths of ~10” to 14” and a length (when trimmed) of ~ 13’. 

Cost: $6sf, whole batch only, $1200

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Sub-flooring batch #10: NEW

200sf of early 18C. live edge Red Pine sub-flooring from Northern MA house.  Widths of ~10” to 14” and a length (when trimmed) of ~ 13’. 

Cost: $6sf, whole batch only, $1200

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Chestnut Stock Overview:

Along with the numbered chestnut batches, I have thousands of board feet of stock not listed.  Let me know if you are looking for dimensional chestnut stock for any project such as building your own dining room table.

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New white pine stock: 

Although not antique, these are great for your "green" building projects. I have thousands of square feet of wide and long, rough sawn (straight saw marks) boards salvaged from downed trees.  Most is $5 per square foot. 

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Chestnut Stock #9:

Approximately 650sf of early 1800's chestnut attic roof sheathing.  The pictures show both sides of the wood.  It could be used 'as is' for a decorative sub-floor on a second floor with the original bottom side showing (with ghosts from rafters), or it could be milled (top side with black stains) to produce a very high quality chestnut flooring that is peppered with nail holes from the roofing. 

Cost: for batch $5,500.

More Details

Oak Stock #2

Approximately 300 linear feet of quarter sawn oak from the early 1800s...The widths average approximately 5" and range from 3" to 6.5". The four different lengths are 6'10", 8'8", 10'3" and 12'4". The nominal thickness is 7/8"+/-. The figure and patina just under the original surface is fantastic.

More Details
Cost:120sf @ $20sf, whole batch only, $2400

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New, wide white pine #2:

Super wide (18" to 26", most are 20" to 26") hand-planed and hand-beaded Eastern White Pine. This batch is all from the same tree and will finish at a minimum of 7'2".

More Details
Cost: whole batch of 230sf @ $20sf or $4,600; partials, $25sf.

Pine Flitch

These 3 consecutive white pine boards are new, live edge and have been kiln dried and milled. They are all 5/4 thick. The measurements are as follows: they are all 5'6" tall; 38" wide (30" heart), 36" wide (27" heart), 34" wide (24" heart).

More Details
Cost: $1,280 for set of 3

Misc. wide boards:

Wide boards available, painted and unpainted for wainscot, flooring or vertical wall boards.

Range of widths shown is 16” to 25” wide x 3’ to 7’ long. Prices vary depending on board.

More Details
Cost: Prices range from $15sf to $30sf +/-.

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