Flooring Batch #256

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Added August 10, 2018.

Flooring batch #256:  235sf of hand-planed, lightly painted, original smooth surface antique spruce flooring from Ossipee, NH.  C.1837.  The flooring has been washed and is ready to install.  The paint is very tight to the floor and it is a shade of mustard.  This floor was carefully removed, and the main section is numbered.  Widths of 6” to 11”+ and lengths up to 13’4” with butt-edges.   Ideally, it would fit a room that was 16’ wide x 13’4” long or smaller.  If the floor was to be re-painted, it could be combined with flooring batches #258, #261 & #262 for up to 775sf.

Cost:  $16sf, whole batch only, $ 3,760.

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