Flooring Batch #250

770sf of straight sawn and foot worn wide original surface, antique white pine flooring (aka Pumpkin Pine) from PA.    Flooring should be lightly sanded or screened once installed to reveal the beautiful pumpkin pine colors.  Typical PA attic flooring with some variations in thickness and surface texture due to foot wear.  Some trimming and patching will be required during installation.  Widths of 6” to 16” +/- and lengths from 6’ to 14’+, plus 50sf of shorts.  This batch could be combined with batches #251 and #269 for a total of 2000sf of similar, sand-grade Pumpkin Pine flooring.

Cost:  $16sf, whole batch only, $12,320



Click for larger image. Added July 18, 2018.
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