Reclaimed Flooring

Hand Planed Wide White Pine Flooring

In addition to the hand planed and beaded wide wall boards (sample shown below), we have 'blank' stock available to be milled and hand-planed for flooring. The flooring will have the same surface look as these wall boards, just not quite as wide. The flooring may taper, in width, from one end to the other and will vary in length from 6'+/- to 16'. The widths will also vary from 8" to 20" depending on what is available. The flooring will require a few weeks lead time for the process of milling and hand-planing. You can oil, stain or paint the flooring. The hand-planing will give an incredible surface.


Cost: any quantity, $12.50sf. Blanks are $5sf.

Hand Planed Wide White Pine Flooring


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