Antique Paneled Room End

Room End #3: SOLD

This unpainted room end from was salvaged from an early (18thC.) Hancock House in NH. It measures approximately 14'6"+ wide and 7' tall to plaster line (+ 2" to 3" more). The inside diameter of the mantel is 53.5"wide x 41.25" tall. The small 2-panel door is 25.5" wide x 65.75" tall. The small cupboard door above the mantel has three written entries: one about the border of an adjacent wall being painted in c.1800, the next about the addition of a design in c.1815 by Moses Eaton, and the third about a restoration done in c.1958.

The wall needs a few repairs but looks great. It looks as though a careful paint strip was done at some point. The transom board across the left-hand door is missing, but some extra wood is available from that room for repairs. Also, an extra door with an identical look is available.

Please contact us with questions (860-655-5259) or if you are interested in purchasing the architectural antique shown below.

Cost: $4,500

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