Antique Six Board Chest

Chest #1: SOLD This six-board grain chest is the largest chest (never mind the six boards) I've ever seen. It is made from 22" wide, hand-planed white pine and measures 8'9" long x 22" deep x 31&1/4" tall.

It was purchased at an auction approximately 25 years ago in northern New England and was touted as being 18th-century (although it may be early 19th century). It was stored in a damp warehouse, so it unfortunately suffered some water damage to the left lower side. It also has a stain on the lid from some type of oil.

The hinges had been broken and repaired many times, so I carefully replaced old, rusty mismatched hardware with a matching pair of hand-wrought original chest hinges. The hinges are in 'unused' condition and I mounted them externally. It has never been painted, oiled or refinished. I lightly washed it with warm water.

My guess is that this chest was used in a general store to sell different grains. The inner dividers are nicely hand-planed, have a great patina, and some sections have that 'grain pelted' texture. The main compartment has a sloped divider to divert and concentrate the product downward.

Cost: $7,500

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